Serie A Chronicles: Italian Football Podcast

Serie A Chronicles is a new weekly Italian Football podcast hosted by Mina Rzouki and Nicky Bandini, talking Serie A, Italian football and all things calcio.

Our Hosts

Mina Rzouki and Nicky Bandini are two of the most respected and highly sought-after football journalists, pundits and analysts across a number of Europe's best football leagues. Their main football passion lies with Italy's Serie A and the Italian national team - gli azzurri.

Mina and Nicky previously hosted ESPN's Serie Awesome podcast with fellow calcio expert Gabriele Marcotti, which gained a reputation as one of the best and most followed Italian football podcasts. They have since brought their expertise to Serie A Chronicles which launched in September 2021, and is fast becoming on of the most popular and respected football podcasts available.

Mina Rzouki

Mina Rzouki

Mina Rzouki is a European football broadcaster who has covered football for well over a decade . Whether it be reporting from the sidelines for ESPN or debating key points on the many BBC radio shows, as well as contributing to Sky Sports and TRT, Mina has also taken part in several footballing documentaries including Netflix's 'Bad Sport' and the BBC's 'Cristiano Ronaldo: Impossible To Ignore'. 

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Nicky Bandini

Nicky Bandini

Nicky Bandini is a writer and broadcaster specialising in European football. She has been a weekly columnist for the Guardian since 2006 and contributes regularly for a number of the world's leading media outlets including ESPN and the BBC.

Nicky is a respected interviewer who has sat down with some of the most prominent names in Italian football, including Gigi Buffon, Francesco Totti and Franco Baresi. 

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