FULL EPISODE | Amazing Atalanta, Beautiful Bologna
Serie A ChroniclesMay 15, 202401:04:24

FULL EPISODE | Amazing Atalanta, Beautiful Bologna

Bologna has made it to the Champions League for the first time after a brilliant season.

Atalanta and Charles De Ketelaere were wonderful against a terrible Roma which was lucky to lose by only 1 goal a few days after the giallorossi's Europa League exit and La Dea reaching the final. Should Roma (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_UnZ_gF_RM&ab_channel=SerieAChronicles) have prioritised Champions League qualification over trying to win the Europa League?

Parma and Como will be in Serie A next season.

Does Fiorentina’s Vincenzo Italiano deserve a bigger opportunity?

Preview of this week’s Coppa Italia Final between Atalanta and Juventus, which gives Mina a chance to rage against the bianconero machine which almost lost to relegated Salernitana.

What’s going on at the bottom end of the ladder?


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