Juventus v Milan: A Battle of Two Dead Managers Walking?
Serie A ChroniclesMay 01, 2024x

Juventus v Milan: A Battle of Two Dead Managers Walking?

We start off the show with the important question: Are you Team Tea or Team Caffe?

After a 0-0 between Juventus and Milan which excited nobody, we ask who would be ideal new managers for Juventus and Milan.

Is there a chance that Max Allegri will stay at Juventus, or is it definitely Thiago Motta for the bianconeri?


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Could Serie A have 6 teams in the Champions League next season? After communicating with a UEFA official friend, Patrick clears up how it can happen. Kinda, sorta!

The Europa League semi finals see Roma meet Bayer Leverkusen and Atalanta meet Marseille. How do we see these match-ups panning out?

And Fiorentina takes on Club Brugge in the Conference League semi final. Can La Viola get back to the final that they narrowly lost last season?


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