Milan's Serie A woe, Juve on the Go & Roma's Olimpico Show
Serie A ChroniclesNovember 08, 2023x

Milan's Serie A woe, Juve on the Go & Roma's Olimpico Show

Mina Rzouki on a number of topics following the weekend's round of Serie A action:

  • Milan’s troubles in Serie A
  • Juve scrapes a win at Fiorentina
  • Inter setting the pace and Lautaro’s consistency
  • Roma’s stoppage time turnaround against Lecce
  • Lazio’s poor match against a flying Bologna, with Calafiori on fire
  • Chronicles Tifosi Patron Leo Haider's contribution on Juventus' loanee at Frosinone Matías Soulé 

Note: The main podcast episode with Mina Rzouki and Nicky Bandini will be out later in the week!


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